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Travelling With a Physical Disability in Japan

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Part 2: Living in Japan with a Physical Disability

Many people are aware that Japan has excellent public transportation. If you're a keen observer, you may have noticed the many wheelchair accessible facilities, but perhaps have not seen physically disabled people make use of them. In this video, Yuriko Oda (Wheelchair Walker) and Josh Grisdale (Accessible Japan) show what it's like to travel with a physical disability in Japan's trains, buses, cars, taxis, and planes.

This is part of new series of social documentaries about Japan that I'm making. Future episodes will attempt to answer questions like: what are the living conditions of the homeless, what does social housing look life and how affordable is housing, what is it like to work in Japan and is there any work/life balance, and what is it like to go to primary school?

If you'd like to support these types of social documentaries, I now have a Patreon account Any support at all will be greatly appreciated!

Both Yuriko and Josh post great information about accessibility in Japan, and you can find them at:

Yuriko Oda: Wheelchair Walker YouTube Channel
Josh Grisdale: Accessible Japan Blog or twitter (@AccessibleJapan

Website Post with Sources:

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