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e-NABLE - volunteers offer prosthetic hands made for children by 3D prin...

Publicado em 23 de jun de 2014
RIT Researcher Jon Schull has connected hundreds of volunteers around the globe to make super affordable prosthetic hands wherever they are needed.
e-NABLE volunteers are connected through the internet, and donate their time and the use of 3D printers to print and assemble the movable plastic hands.
See: for info
Unlike established prosthetic hands, which can cost as much as $45,000, these hands can be produced for a cost of about $50.
The mechanical hands will not replace the sophisticated prosthesis, but they can be a useful alternative in many situations - especially when cost is a factor.
They are particularly helpful for children who may need a series of replacement hands as they grow.
Also, because they are mechanical instead of electronic they provide healthy exercise for the arm they are used on.
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